The Team

Three dedicated souls in pursuit of audio excellence. Yep. Three. That’s it.

We hand-craft your cables, answer your emails, and ship out 2000+ orders each year.

No call centers. No outsourced assembly. Just three buddies working hard to bring high quality cables to fellow audiophiles.

Owner / Master Cablesmith

You can find him randomly around the shop. He’ll be soldering one day, corresponding with clients the next, snapping product photos at night, updating the website, running numbers, performing spreadsheet voodoo…whatever it takes to keep our ninjas happy and the business running!

Master Cablesmith / Shop Manager

This dude is our ninja-of-all trades. Ryan can assemble, he can solder, he can slice, dice and even make Julienne fries! Ryan has broad experience that spans across retail, operations, and hospitality, and brings loads of perspective and utility to our Ninja Team. When out of the shop, he can either be found sipping some craft coffee and reading a book quietly, or out on the town belting out some karaoke at a hole-in-the-wall townie bar.

Cablesmith / Customer Service Manager

When Chris isn’t assembling cables and answering customer emails, he’s off getting some more ink done, or gaming on Steam while slamming an energy drink. He has years of experience managing retail stores, and we are lucky to have his customer service skills on hand to help our fellow ninjas out.

Business Partners

Master Woodworker

Audiophile Ninja’s first global partnership! Yurii crafts the finest exotic wood headphone stands in the world from his workshop in Ukraine, and Audiophile Ninja is proud to offer his one-of-a-kind pieces alongside our lineup of handmade cable products.

Yurii begins each day with a rich espresso while heading to the shop, and then streams Radio Paradise to his vintage Japanese stereo while working. Outside of the workshop, Yurii is an amateur cyclist and can be found at local cycle races or just zipping around his local roads. When not out for a ride, he loves to spend time gardening with his family, playing with their mischievous little dog, or celebrating life’s moments with a sip of Scotch-style whiskey. будьмо!