Hand-crafted, custom headphone cables.
None of the BS.
That’s Audiophile Ninja.

Balanced headphone cables, choice of amp connectors, custom lengths.
So many options. Built-to-order. Just for you.

Time to accessorize!
Check out our exotic-wood headphone stands.

“There is no magic or cable voodoo here. Leave your snake oil, fairy-blessed wire, and diamond encrusted connectors at home. We create expertly designed cables combining high quality parts, no nonsense engineering, and an affordable price.”

Enter Audiophile Ninja.

   Our Approach
  • Serious audio products designed and hand built in the USA, using domestic and global materials.

  • Manufactured using quality parts trusted for years in the pro audio industry.

  • Forget costly exotic materials. Our cables are precision crafted using professional grade 99.9% pure copper wiring.

  • You won’t see us using fluffy marketing terms claiming to magically transform your listening experience.

  • We promise solid designs based on tried-and-true electrical engineering principles. Hooray for Science!

  • A portion of our annual profits donated to charity. Read more about our community focus here.

  • A small business created by a fellow lover of music, hand-crafting cables that everyone can afford.